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Calling All Christians for One Christian Calling: Siblings for Christ

April 18, 2013


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Christians talk about hearing the call of God on their lives. There is the missionary call, the call to ministry, a call to stay at home, a call to a profession. The longer I live and the more I read Scripture the clearer it is to me that God gives every Christian one call – […]

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Reconciling Fear and Faith (Missionary Guest Post)

November 23, 2012


Note: this post is written by a missionary appointee friend of mine. When God places a challenging situation in front of us, the Bible tells us to have faith. However, our natural inclination is to be afraid. How do we reconcile how we are supposed to feel with how we actually feel? In the Church […]

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Missionaries: The Last Frontier of World Missions?

July 11, 2012


When I tell people that missionaries are my unreached people group they just stare at me.  Which proves my point that missionaries may be the last frontier of world missions. Plenty of unreached people groups exist all over the world.  It takes a lot of effort to reach them, and by God’s grace we will […]

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9 Benefits to Missionary Vulnerability

March 2, 2012


How do you view vulnerability?  Depending on your cultural perspective, vulnerability may be viewed in a positive light or in a negative fashion. I’m promoting the idea that an appropriate level of vulnerability exists in healthy relationships, generally speaking.  Specifically, missionaries benefit from being appropriately vulnerable in key relationships within their uniquely missionary context. Our […]

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Top 5 Most Popular FULFILL Posts for Converge Missionary in 2011

December 29, 2011


FULFILL is about helping missionaries to be effective in life and ministry – to be fulfilled in all they do. With the end of 2011 upon us, I am reflecting upon the growth of this blog in number, in quality and influence.  But it is you readers who drive the numbers, so here are the […]

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