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Fireworks or Church Planting? 12 Questions for the Missional Church Planter

July 4, 2013


Happy 237 to America. As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, we can’t deny the integral nature that faith in God has played in our nation’s history. It is a history that is being revitalized every day in the resurgence of church planting. I am, however, troubled by the nature of some of the church planting […]

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Three Types of Missionary Fulfillment

December 11, 2012


The idea of fulfillment is overlooked and under-used.  Deep down most people want to be fulfilled but popular opinion suggests that finding fulfillment is unattainable. This is true in the Christian world too.  Even missionaries have told me that they don’t see fulfillment on the horizon for themselves.  That’s pretty sad.  A world where we […]

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The Missional Care Giver

August 24, 2012


The missional movement has nothing on God, but it does contribute to our motivation in caring for one another.  A key component to being missional is community. Community involves loving one another.  But take a moment to ask yourself the question:  who cares for the leaders in your missional communities?  If it is a true […]

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Sun Valley Community Church: A Missional Church That Cares For Its Missionaries

December 29, 2011


Sun Valley Community Church, with three campuses in the Phoenix area, is a church that cares for its missionaries.  Sun Valley raises home grown missionaries and sends them out to engage missionally in strategic ministries.  Some churches are missional but they don’t know how to care for their sent out ones.  Sun Valley CC does. […]

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Short-term Mission Trips: Take a Year to Change the World – And Yourself (Guest Post)

December 8, 2011

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{Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of a guest post written by Laura Davis, who, with her husband, Nate, spent a year on a short-term mission trip with Converge Worldwide in Manila, Philippines discovering the needs of young women caught in the snare of human trafficking and building bridges to meet some of those needs.  […]

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