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Short-term Mission Trips: Take a Year to Change the World – And Yourself (Guest Post)

December 8, 2011

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{Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of a guest post written by Laura Davis, who, with her husband, Nate, spent a year on a short-term mission trip with Converge Worldwide in Manila, Philippines discovering the needs of young women caught in the snare of human trafficking and building bridges to meet some of those needs.  […]

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Leaving Home is at the Heart of Mission, Part II

February 18, 2011

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CONTINUED FROM PART I… God Uses Foreigners to Preach the Good News There is something unique about hearing the gospel from a foreigner.  When I lived in Macedonia, I was turning people away who wanted to hear the gospel.  I did not have enough hours in the day. One time an acquaintance of mine came […]

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Leaving Home is at the Heart of Mission, Part I

February 16, 2011


Want to change the world?  Leave home.  Tell the folks ‘goodbye’ and your friends ‘see ya later’.  Get used to different foods, a different climate, new cultures, languages, and ways of doing things.  It seems to be God’s way. Believers in Scripture Who Left Home Abraham left Ur to father a church-planting movement in the […]

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A Missionary Speaks to Her Love-Hate Relationship With Home Assignment

February 9, 2011


Most of the missionaries I have met have a love-hate relationship with Home Assignment. The “love” part comes from having a break in the action at the field, a chance to step back and renew energy for ministry.  Home Assignment is also a chance to see family and friends, to reconnect with partner churches and […]

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