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Leaders Fail to Lead If They Fail to Serve

July 18, 2013


I’ve done a lot of reading on leadership the past ten years. You probably have too. Much of the leadership content tends to feed the ego of leaders: “stick to your vision and share it passionately” “stay out in front of your people and they will follow” “don’t pay any attention to your detractors” I’ve […]

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The Missional Care Giver

August 24, 2012


The missional movement has nothing on God, but it does contribute to our motivation in caring for one another.  A key component to being missional is community. Community involves loving one another.  But take a moment to ask yourself the question:  who cares for the leaders in your missional communities?  If it is a true […]

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Being a Good Follower

November 22, 2011


On first thought, this post has nothing to do with missions. On second thought, this post has everything to do with missions. I gave a devotion on Being A Good Follower recently and had a lot of positive feedback on it.  This post is a bit skeletal in nature but hopefully you will receive some […]

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