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Reconciling Fear and Faith (Missionary Guest Post)

November 23, 2012


Note: this post is written by a missionary appointee friend of mine. When God places a challenging situation in front of us, the Bible tells us to have faith. However, our natural inclination is to be afraid. How do we reconcile how we are supposed to feel with how we actually feel? In the Church […]

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Local Church and Self Assessment As Key Steps in the Missionary Call – Think Fireworks

September 14, 2012


In my previous Heart and How To of Missionary Assessment I mentioned five types of critical assessment that are needed for missionaries and church planters: personal assessment – self evaluation of what God is doing local church assessment – the evaluation of church leaders who have observed the candidate in both personal and ministry contexts mission […]

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Missionary + Internet + Social Media = Passionate Funding Sources Who Are Already Committed

July 26, 2012

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A church that feels called by God to be a blessing to the nation of Chad has adopted the peoples of Chad by supporting every missionary it can find who is serving in Chad.  How does this church find the missionaries with which to partner? A middle aged Polish American woman loves her birth country […]

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Social Media and Missionary Support Raising – A Facebook Strategy

July 23, 2012


In my last post I reviewed some basics related to social media and missionary support raising: Missionaries need to overcome reluctance to incorporate social media into their support raising. Missionaries need community to make social media effective. Social media is an ideal platform for missionaries to share life and vision. If you missed the first […]

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Social Media and Missionary Support Raising – The Basics

July 16, 2012


Note:  This material is for those just starting in social media.  If you are already engaged online – or if you are younger than 35 – this material will be too basic for you 🙂  You might find part 2 of this article, my specific strategy, to be interesting or useful to you though. I’ve […]

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