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Short-Term Missions Trips

Managing Risk on Missions Trips

Work / Life Balance

Life and Work as Worship

Social Media and Fundraising

Think Social Media Can’t Generate Revenue?

5 Types of Tweets Guaranteed to Be ReTweeted

Inbound Marketing 101 – Or How to Attract New Donors to Your Mission

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Reaching Your Partners Through Their Phones AKA Mobile Marketing

6 Twitter User Insights to Increase Nonprofit Fundraising & Engagement

Improve Online Retention with 5 Follow Ups


Multichannel Fundraising Infographic – online vs. offline donors

Marketing Using Social Media – It Does Matter – Today’s Trends

Using Twitter Effectively by John Piper

10 Reasons Your Email Appeal is Being Ignored

Using Twitter and Facebook for Fundraising

A Twitter Fundraising Plan

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Engage Donors

8 Ways to Stay in Touch With Partners

Missionary Helps

Missionary Contentment

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Parents of Missionaries

Resources of all kinds

Giving, Generosity and Discipleship

Video: But when you give…

Making Disciples Through Biblical Generosity

Video:  4 Keys to Generosity in the Local Church

Generosity: What’s in It for You?

Generous Church

Generous: 21 Days of Real Faith

Generosity That Helps Others to Give

Integrating Kingdom Understanding + Personal Vision + Church Purpose

The High Cost (Money) of Missions

Missionary Care

Video:  Seminar from MC2 “Caring for The Missionary”

30+ Book Resource List for Missionary Care


Welcoming Returning Missionaries

Minnesota Renewal Center

care package instructions

International Therapist Directory

Church-based Care – Elmbrook Church, Milwaukee, WI

Appealing to Various Generations and Types of Givers

Infographic:  Approaching Different Donor Types

5 Things Charities Do That Turn Off Young Donors Like Me

Two Critical Reasons to Approach Millennials with Fundraising Opportunities

The Demographics of Donor Potential

Employee Matching Gift Programs

Double the Donation

Matching Gift Companies by City

Companies with Matching Gift Programs

On Entrepreneurship

Living Abroad Boosts Creativity

5 Lessons on Effort and Perspective to Learn From a Starbucks Barista

Entrepreneur and Resources

Expat Life

Clearing Customs

You Remember You Are a Repat When

Expat Exchange

Transitions Abroad


Fruitful Practices


Mission Frontiers

Global Missiology

Ted Esler – Musings from Ted’s Untidy Brain

T.J. Addington – Leading from the Sandbox

Support Raising

A Fresh Perspective on Support Raising and Stewardship

Why Donors Stop Their Support

Bragging Is Not Fundraising

Funding Your Ministry Dreams:  God’s Job or Your Job?

Visiting Your Supporters

Giving Them The Bad News Too

Getting Creative with Your Fundraising Ideas

Our Perspective on the Outcome

Our Understanding of Ownership

10 Top Lessons Learned From 30 Years of Fundraising

Fundraising in the Bible

The Power of Community in Raising Support

Four Firm Foundations in Fundraising

Support Raising Strategies


Don’t Ever Apologize For Asking For Money

What to Think About Before Emailing Your Supporters

6 Tips For Using Email For Effective Donor Communication

Creating Effective Subject Lines for Emails and Does Your Email Stand Out?

Use a P.S. in Your Letter

Branding Your Message

35 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Newsletters and Appeals

How to Talk About Yourself

How to Write a Newsletter

Blogging Tips

Integrating Online Giving with Written Mail Appeals


Are You Re-writing Your Story?

Simply The Story

Chronological Bible Storying

Rest and Sabbatical

Rest and The Work of Missions:  Living The Way of Jesus

Sabbatical Guidelines

Personal Growth and Assessment

Using The Psalms In Your Missionary Journey

Five Essentials for An Annual Spiritual Growth Plan

Failing at Self Assessment

Cerny Smith Assessment Tool – “How are you doing?”

Missionary Preparation

I Was An Expat Wife

Women in Mission

Confessions of A Woman Called to Church Planting

Women of the Harvest December 2011 Issue

Women of the Harvest retreat schedule

Coffee Girl Confessions


Just Between Us

Saying Thank You

21 Creative Ways to Say Thank You

How to Write Thank You Notes

Thanking Online Donors With Snail Mail

Statistics On Spending, Giving and Wealth

The World Giving Index

Generous Giving

Missionary/Third Culture Kids

MK Transition Seminars 2012

27 Ways to Love MK’s

Outreach Idea to MK’s in College


Find and Use Your Strengths

On Change

Change: Ready or Not, Here It Comes!

Culture Shock & Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse Culture Shock Makes Repatriating Stressful

Expat Advice on Managing Culture Shock

Psychological and Physical Symptoms of Culture Shock

Home Assignment

7 Tips for Expats Taking a Short Home Leave

Unreached People Groups

635 groups as catalogued by Finishing the Task

General Missions

Ask A Missionary

Missionary Talks

Missions Catalyst

Missions Launch


Operation World – pray over nation profiles

Prayer First

10 Ways to Pray for Missionaries


10 Ways to Help Retired Missionaries Transition

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