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11 Types of Care Missionaries Want From Their Sending Agencies and Co-Workers

May 3, 2012


A key barrier to providing effective missionary care is the attitude exhibited by members of the missions community who do not appreciate, understand or value what genuine member care is.  Is missionary care valuable?  Maybe we should ask the missionaries. Image By Defame (Eleven) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons Brenda Bosch, an international member care […]

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9 Benefits to Missionary Vulnerability

March 2, 2012


How do you view vulnerability?  Depending on your cultural perspective, vulnerability may be viewed in a positive light or in a negative fashion. I’m promoting the idea that an appropriate level of vulnerability exists in healthy relationships, generally speaking.  Specifically, missionaries benefit from being appropriately vulnerable in key relationships within their uniquely missionary context. Our […]

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Missionaries Need Rest and So Do You (and I)

March 21, 2011


The main purpose of this blog post is to let you know that I am on vacation.  I’m taking a break from the office and from the blog.  It is spring break for my children so I have taken the week off. I am looking forward to the rest, time of renewal, and the family […]

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What A Missionary Needs

January 7, 2011


What is the difference between a need and a want ?  We typically view needs as food, clothing, and shelter while wants are celebrated as a BMW or a six figure salary. For a missionary, the distinction between a need and a want is much more narrow.  Take a moment to classify the following as […]

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