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New Missionary, Old Missionary – Got to Love Them Both

September 10, 2012


I’ve always found it refreshingly odd when I meet someone new for the first time.  I see them at their current age and looks, knowing nothing about their past.  I find it refreshing to connect with them and hear their story and yet their age and looks are unique to that day.  I have no […]

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12 Reasons Why This Conference on Missionary Care May Change The World

February 21, 2012


Passion for something good is a good thing. Passion for something important is important. Passion for life change is life-changing. If missionaries are out to change the world to the glory of God, so should their senders.  The Midwest Conference on Missionary Care in Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosted by Minnesota Renewal Center and New Hope Church […]

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Brave and Broken: Missionary Vulnerability

February 14, 2012


The American culture views vulnerability as a bad thing.  Being vulnerable may lead to hurt.  Or being in a vulnerable position may be an indication of some wrongs in your life. Missionaries make daily decisions regarding their own vulnerability.  Imagine on any given day a missionary or church planter relating to a local in the […]

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What a Missionary Desires from Churches

August 1, 2011


Earlier this year I posted What a Church Desires from Missionaries in which I said that churches desire faithfulness, communication and relationship from missionaries.  Now turn about is fair play. During 20 years of ministry in missions, I’ve experienced and observed three characteristics of churches that, when existent, radically alter the experience of the missionary […]

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