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Sun Valley Community Church: A Missional Church That Cares For Its Missionaries

December 29, 2011


Sun Valley Community Church, with three campuses in the Phoenix area, is a church that cares for its missionaries.  Sun Valley raises home grown missionaries and sends them out to engage missionally in strategic ministries.  Some churches are missional but they don’t know how to care for their sent out ones.  Sun Valley CC does. […]

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Quarry Community Church, Monticello, Minnesota, Believes in Sending Their Best

February 24, 2011


I’m writing this story on the last day of my snowpacked week-long visit to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  It was an excellent week of connecting with Converge Worldwide missionary appointees, attending the Midwest Conference for Missionary Care, and becoming trained and certified in the Cerny Smith Assessment – a coaching tool that answers the question ‘how […]

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