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Do You Lie or Speak the Truth to Missionary Friends?

September 25, 2013


I’ve had several friends leave recently for the mission field. I’m always surprised when I hear the types of comments made to missionaries leaving for another culture, words given by well meaning friends who are clueless about what the new missionaries are going to encounter: “You’ll always be a part of this church.” “We won’t […]

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PART TWO: 7 Guidelines for Partnership – Supporting a National or Indigenous Ministry

July 5, 2013

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see Part ONE Determine Who Provides Care and Accountability for the Leader No leader should be a lone ranger. Before building a partnership, determine who is around the leader that holds him or her accountable. It might be a group of local colleagues, a board, foreign missionaries or a government council. If it doesn’t exist, […]

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PART ONE: 7 Guidelines for Partnership – Supporting a National or Indigenous Ministry

July 2, 2013


A church missions committee leader asked me recently for guidelines for supporting a national worker. I gave a few thoughts and said that I would get back to her. Later I looked on the Internet and didn’t find much so I thought I would create a post. Churches in North America no longer need mission […]

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Local Church and Self Assessment As Key Steps in the Missionary Call – Think Fireworks

September 14, 2012


In my previous Heart and How To of Missionary Assessment I mentioned five types of critical assessment that are needed for missionaries and church planters: personal assessment – self evaluation of what God is doing local church assessment – the evaluation of church leaders who have observed the candidate in both personal and ministry contexts mission […]

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New Missionary, Old Missionary – Got to Love Them Both

September 10, 2012


I’ve always found it refreshingly odd when I meet someone new for the first time.  I see them at their current age and looks, knowing nothing about their past.  I find it refreshing to connect with them and hear their story and yet their age and looks are unique to that day.  I have no […]

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