Thanksgiving Reflection: A Late Bloomer AKA Flowering at the Right Time

November 26, 2013


With Thanksgiving upon us, I’m reflecting on the Year 2013. I read through Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 6:3-10 this morning, and my words are inspired by his words, whose words were inspired by God. And so my words are a reflection of God’s own words – he speaking over me, about me, and I hope, words that are spoken to you as an encouragement to continue the journey and pathway that God has you on.

2013 = a year of God humbling me. I continue unemployed since the end of April, although technically, I suppose I am now underemployed as I work two part-time “not the best paying but glad for every penny” jobs and do freelance writing to try to keep our heads above water. When God humbles you, it feels so good.

Late Bloomer

A late bloomer or a foretaste?

 I feel like this gardenia that has bloomed this week (yes it’s late November, but hey, I live in Central Florida) in my yard: a late bloomer, overtaken by weeds and grass, having missed the boat and the height of spring glory, and yet surrounded by green leafy friends and family who love me and pray for me and do special things for me.

Or maybe, the gardenia blossom is an early bloomer – pointing me to the future, anticipating continued new birth. For that is what is happening in me and my family these days: transformation. My wife and I are experiencing it. My boys are observing it, and I hope, tasting for themselves, by God’s grace.

If I may teach one thing while I share my testimony: it is important for us as parents and friends and sons and daughters to interpret our lives and the work of God in us to others.

He works in us so that others might see him.

For I am becoming more and more like Jesus. And that my friends, is the one fully worthy goal of life. It is the one overarching goal that God has for each of us.

As a servant of God, I commend myself as if a bag of Starbucks coffee (Holiday Blend), that friends of mine gifted me yesterday: complex yet approachable, elegant yet versatile, hearty yet smooth.

Starbucks and Dell, you are welcome for this free product placement.

Starbucks and Dell, you are welcome for this free product placement.

Continuing in endurance, in hardship, in hard work; living from article to article; thinking of the next tank of gas as four hours of edging the grass of Osceola County; experiencing how much of America has lived in financial hardship while I had the privilege of serving God around the world, knowing that I am still rich compared to most of the world; trying to put my best foot forward with potential employers, playing the job application game, knowing the next one could be it, and tired of the whole process; understanding what God is doing and yet not having a clue; patiently waiting for his kindness while pulling out what is left of my hair; in the Holy Spirit knowing and loving and being an example to others; falling and failing and wondering what the next day holds; searching for the power of God while experiencing his lightning bolts of energy time and time again; with weapons of righteousness in my right hand and offerings of praise in my left; through glory and dishonor, good report and bad report; genuine, yet wondering who I am, where I went, and enjoying every bit of who I am becoming; known, yet regarded as unknown; dying, and yet I live on; sorrowful, while I rejoice in the blessings of a simple life; poor, yet striving to make others rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.

So I resonate with the late bloom, even as I anticipate future glory – all the while thankful that I am flowering at the right time, the fruit of God being displayed in the life of his child, by God’s grace. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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8 Comments on “Thanksgiving Reflection: A Late Bloomer AKA Flowering at the Right Time”

  1. Bob Putman Says:

    Thanks for articulating your journey with God, and not glossing over the difficulties. I thank God for sustaining you and retraining you in the process. You are His.


    • Brian Stankich Says:

      Thank you, Bob. I feel it important that we share our lives with those who are close to us and to strangers. I count it a privilege that you are in the former group. Who knows how we might be used in eternity? And you know better than I how cathartic writing can be too 🙂


  2. cherikay Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful perspective – one that we ALL need to take to heart – regardless of where we are in the journey.
    Blessings to you and your family!


  3. jronamac Says:

    This is an amazing encouragement to me. I hope and pray that God would lend me some of your wisdom now – while I still have some hair! I feel like a late bloomer in most areas of my life – mental, spiritual, emotional – but I know God is doing something. I hold on to the hope that sometimes the most beautiful flowers and largest plants take the longest to grow. Blessings.


  4. Craig Thompson Says:

    Thanks, Brian, for sharing. I could have written most of your second paragraph—and hope that my attitude will come closer to matching yours in the rest of your post. Since coming back from overseas, I’ve been looking for long-term full-time work for over two years now. Like you, I’m piecing together part-time jobs. Blessings to you.


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