Calling All Christians for One Christian Calling: Siblings for Christ

April 18, 2013

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Christians talk about hearing the call of God on their lives. There is the missionary call, the call to ministry, a call to stay at home, a call to a profession.

The longer I live and the more I read Scripture the clearer it is to me that God gives every Christian one call – the same exact call.

“For those God foreknew he also predestined

to be conformed to the image of his Son,

that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”

Romans 8:29, NIV

The Christian call is a call to become like Jesus Christ. That’s it. Every other sense of call fits within the parameters of becoming more like Jesus. God has put us on a pathway, a pathway toward his son.

I can imagine Jesus sitting around with his father, in eternity past, saying, “Baba, it’s cool hanging out with you and the Spirit and all, but it would be nice to have some brothers and sisters around the stratosphere.”

That would be you and I.

Do you think of Jesus as a brother?

Can we conceive that God is populating heaven from different parts of the planet and various ethnicities to create one big family? Do we like the idea of a homogeneous family comprised of heterogeneous blood lines?

Like it or not, God’s plan all along was to give Jesus siblings.

We may be too busy to think about our new and developing family. We’ve got people to save, budgets to build, and buildings to erect.

But how much effort do we put into our own personal and spiritual growth as we travel our diverse paths to the pearly gates? Do you realize that God is as interested in YOU and your growth as he is in the Hindu you are trying to reach who is searching for the meaning of life?

We tend to focus on what distinguishes us while God tends to focus on what unites us: Jesus, and being like him.

We are not all ministers, missionaries, or moms managing the home. We are unique. Specially gifted. Finding our own way. All on the same road to Christ-likeness.

Our one true calling.

I’m grateful that I can participate in this calling of conformity because on my own I would choose a different path. I’d choose to be a basketball star or a famous writer who touches millions. But God had a better plan for me: to become like my brother, Jesus.

Does anything else matter?

Our culture pushes us to be like each other. Our God calls us to be like his One and Only.

This is the one calling that I am sure every brother and sister of Jesus has to agree with, has to go along with, has to have a hand in fulfilling. Is every one a missionary? No.

Pastor? No.

Parent? No.

Plumber? No.

Church planter? No.

Friend? No.

Conformer to Christ? Yes.

We call it sanctification. God the Father calls it adoption. God the Spirit calls it a down payment that guarantees our inheritance. Jesus?

He calls me “bro”.

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2 Comments on “Calling All Christians for One Christian Calling: Siblings for Christ”

  1. bobputman Says:

    Well said, brother. Higher up and farther in.


  2. Dave Lewis Says:

    Preach it brother. I’ll turn the pages for ya! And God is not just after siblings, he wants “clones” – mini-Christs (Romans 8:29).


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