Fundraising Digest January 21, 2013: Current World and U.S. News Affecting Missions

January 21, 2013

Fundraising Digest


Image: Via Wikimedia Commons, bfishadow on Flickr

Stock Market Approaches All-time Highs

Issue:  Friday’s gain puts Dow Jones 4% away from its all-time high.

Article: Stocks – Dow, S & P 500 At Five-year Highs

Relevance to Missions: Fresh wealth is being created that could be mobilized by missionaries, churches, and Christian non-profits.

My Opinion:  Let’s get over the ‘economy is bad’ mindset – funding is available.

Payroll Tax Increase Not a Tax Increase

Issue:  Payroll tax increases from 4.2% to 6.2% January 1.

Article:  Dear America – Your Higher Payroll Taxes Are Not The Result of A Tax Increase

Relevance to Missions:  Most missions employees (unless you’ve opted out of Social Security) are paying 2% more in payroll taxes, resulting in less take home pay.

My Opinion:  They payroll tax holiday was a bad idea. I’m not any better off because of it but now I have to shift my budget downward.  If you didn’t put that extra money to good use, was it worth robbing the so-called Social Security Fund, at an estimated $240 billion, so that we could enjoy an extra latte every day?

Algeria Hostage Crisis Results in Dozens Dead

Issue: Foreigners and Algerians killed by militant attack on natural gas plant.

Article: Algeria Hostage Crisis – 37 Foreigners Killed in Attack, Canadians Among Militants, Algerian Government Says

Relevance to Missions: Terrorist attacks are not new.  However, attacks on multi-national economic structures for political purposes are not commonplace. Attacks like this may gain popularity and influence systems and structures used by the missions network.

My Opinion: I’m a little concerned that this attack occurred on a natural gas plant, a multi-national effort including workers from dozens of countries. Japanese, Americans, and Brits were killed. Apparently Canadians were connected to this group from Mali creating noise against French interests. These kinds of attacks by rogue groups, if they prosper, could end up significantly altering the work of any international group, mission agencies included. Work visas, the move of money, expat safety and security, and public perception of living and working in difficult places could all be affected by these kinds of activities.

How You Communicate Does Matter: A Simple Analysis of Email Subject Lines

Issue: Using the email subject line to attract attention to your email.

Article: 200 More Email Subject Lines from End of Year Fundraising

Relevance to Missions: Your email needs to stand out in the crowd so that people will read it, hear your vision, see your heart, pray for you, and fund your ministry.

My Opinion: It’s a smart move to learn from the research of others related to marketing and communication. God will honor it.

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4 Comments on “Fundraising Digest January 21, 2013: Current World and U.S. News Affecting Missions”

  1. Dave Lewis Says:

    Quite a mix here, Brian. I love wholistic thinking. My opinion? Opposition = opportunity. If we allow him to, God will use these hurdles to make us stronger, more focused, and more effective.


  2. John and Linn Crowe Says:

    Thanks, Brian. Lots of helpful stuff.

    Blessings, John


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