3 Ways to Fail at Social Media and Missionary Support Raising

Failure is not bad.  We learn from failure, but that doesn’t mean that we have to plan for it.

But that is exactly what we do when we have good intentions with social media and then never follow through with it.  Here are three ways to fail in using social media with your support raising efforts.

Fundraising Failure #1

Open Accounts And Never Use Them

The Internet is littered with millions of accounts that well-meaning users have registered and then never used.  Seriously?  Open your account and get started.  Don’t flame out on the first day.

Fundraising Failure #2

Use Accounts But Never Engage Real People

Think of how many friends and followers that you have who choose to not interact with you.  Then think of the friends and followers with whom you interact.  They are like real life friends.  The difference in those two groups is breathtaking.

Fundraising Failure #3

Engage People But Never Adequately Connect Them to Your Ministry

I confess that I do this all of the time.  In the rush to get something posted, I forget that I’m actually inviting people to be a part of my ministry.  But the invitation is lacking if it is not personal, not genuine and not lasting.

Our invitations via social media need to confront others with the reality of the needs in our ministry, both for today and into the future.

Image courtesy of Pablo X via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t fail at social media.  Use your accounts after you open them.  Engage real people.  Invite friends and followers to participate with you in your ministry.

Anything less is less than social.

Series on Social Media and Missionary Support Raising

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3 Comments on “3 Ways to Fail at Social Media and Missionary Support Raising”

  1. Caleb Says:

    Great points! Social media is the perfect way for missionaries to connect with their support base and grow their support base. It doesn’t replace all traditional means of communication but it certainly does make communication a lot easier and faster!



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