Social Media and Missionary Support Raising – Featuring Twitter

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Social Media and Missionary Support Raising – The Basics

Social Media and Missionary Support Raising – A Facebook Strategy

Continuing on the roll of opening your social media accounts… I would suggest using a second medium such as Twitter or LinkedIn to complement your Facebook.

Using Twitter for Fundraising 

Ah, Twitter, the controversial, highly successful, can’t-get-away-from-it social media platform that has changed the way we communicate.  Can anyone tell me of any other communication scheme that allows us to interact so easily with politicians, celebrities and everyday Dick and Jane’s than Twitter?

If you are not using Twitter for your ministry, you are in the dark ages.  It doesn’t mean you are unsuccessful or irrelevant.  It does mean that you are losing out an massive opportunities to change the world for Jesus Christ.  Check out this cool Pew study on Twitter use.

To keep from being wordy, here are my key points on incorporating Twitter into fundraising:

  1. pick a username that specifically reflects your ministry, like ‘SaveTheOrphans’ or ‘OrphanAfrica’
  2. become an expert in your ministry and post information that is relevant to attract like-minded users
  3. link to your other online content:  blog, newsletter, website, pictures, video, etc.
  4. search Twitter for keywords associated with your username such as ‘Africa’, ‘orphans’, ‘orphanage’, etc.
  5. find other users interested in these keywords and begin to follow them
  6. engage these users in your ministry, your purposes, etc.
  7. before you know it you’ll have a few hundred people interested in what you have to say about your orphanage  ministry in Africa

The number of Twitter users is approaching 200 million worldwide.  Why aren’t you one of them?

Still not convinced?  Watch this inspirational video.

Using LinkedIn for Support Raising 

I haven’t used LinkedIn much so others can suggest better ideas in the comments section.  LinkedIn is THE professional social networking site, so it can’t be ignored.  I know people who have LinkedIn accounts that won’t touch Facebook or Twitter with a ten foot pole.  They hate social media and choose not to use it – except for LinkedIn.

Probably the strategy here is to NOT think of money when interacting on LinkedIn but, rather, to think about building relationships, the right way to approach every support raising effort.  Partnership is built upon relationship.

LinkedIn presents the opportunity to find others who are interested in your ministry, your country, your people group, your strategies and your personal interests in life that relate back to your work.  There are nearly 150 million users with new users being added at an estimated two per second.  Check out this nifty infographic to get a sense of the networking possibilities.

Summary of Social Media Basics

This is a good spot in the middle of the Social Media and Missionary Support Raising Series to summarize some of the basic but essential points:

  • start with a few platforms, find success, then slowly add one more platform at a time
  • integrate your social media accounts to generate new followers and interest; strategize comprehensively
  • join people interested in your ministry in the conversations that they are already having online

Still not a fan of social media?  Do you use email?  Email is the most successful social media platform of all time.  But it is falling out of usage.  Fewer and fewer people use email to communicate, choosing instead to use Facebook and Twitter for their everyday conversations.

Speaking of conversations, do you Skype?  Yes, Skype is social media.

In five to ten years, most of your fundraising dollars will becoming in as a result of your social media efforts.  For those who don’t join the bandwagon, you will have difficulty raising any money.

Use the comments section to REACT.

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5 Comments on “Social Media and Missionary Support Raising – Featuring Twitter”

  1. Seth Says:

    I noticed less than half of our last support letter was opened. That means we’re not connected with half of our potential supporters, even though we think we are (they’re on the list!). That’s why I’m interested in using Twitter and Facebook to get my voice heard, since email isn’t as fruitful as it once was.


    • Brian Stankich Says:

      Seth, it looks like you are seeing that “transition tension” from older to newer being played out. Awesome that you are trying new ideas. Let us know what you do and how it is working for you.


  2. Dave Says:

    I love what you’re saying about social media, Brian. Use it in conjunction with email, to drive people to your e-newsletter or web site. Social media is also great for building and maintaining advocate teams.


    • Brian Stankich Says:

      Dave, that’s a good word about using social media to keep those who are most intricately involved in your ministry informed and connected. I can imagine a Facebook group just for that.



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