Missionary + Internet + Social Media = Passionate Funding Sources Who Are Already Committed

July 26, 2012

Missionaries, support raising

A church that feels called by God to be a blessing to the nation of Chad has adopted the peoples of Chad by supporting every missionary it can find who is serving in Chad.  How does this church find the missionaries with which to partner?

A middle aged Polish American woman loves her birth country of Poland and longs to see the redeeming power of Jesus Christ transform her people, so she prays for every missionary in Poland.  Where does she look to meet missionaries in Poland?

A young family sends $30 every month to fund the education and health care of a little boy in Haiti, yet they feel moved by God to come along side other workers in Haiti with prayer and finances.  What would be an efficient and economical way for them to find missionaries and aid workers in Haiti?

Image:  Fletcher6 via WikiMedia Commons

The Internet brings together those who are going with those who are sending to the glory of God.  Social networking allows givers and goers, senders and stayers, prayers and producers to unite around mutually beneficial causes.  This is kind of incredible, wouldn’t you agree?

No longer do missionaries have to rely on cold calling churches with whom they have never had contact.  The Internet makes it possible for the missionary to find the people and the organizations who are already interested in their place of ministry.

Missionary, join the conversations that people are already having on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media platforms, adding your expertise, your desire and your unique vision.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s try a little test.

Let’s randomly Google the words “church missionary kenya” and see what we find.  Without looking to hard, on the first page of Google results we find:

  • 5 missionaries ministering in Kenya
  • 2 foreign mission agencies focused on Kenya
  • 2 local Kenya ministry networks
  • 1 foreign Kenya ministry network

Poking around on these sites I found a list of churches, government agencies and ministries that are partnering together in Kenya.  I also found a network of denominations that have banded together for ministry in Kenya.  You also see six targeted ads for organizations working in Kenya.

Poke around a little more and you find international businesses who do work in Kenya, friends writing about the missionaries they support in Kenya and, of course, lots of great history of missions in Kenya.

What a great starting place to find others who are like-hearted regarding ministry in Kenya.  You might say some of these groups are people you wouldn’t associate with, but I challenge you to broaden your view on the body of Christ.  You will end up partnering with them on the field anyhow, as most good missionaries do, so why not begin the partnership before you go?

Now check out these organizations that you discovered in a web search on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  There you will find real people who support these organizations.  Join the conversations that they are already having about the place and people where God has called you.

Put yourself in a position on the Internet to be a thought leader, or an expert, or a resource on your type of ministry.

Let people with passion and prayer and resources find you.

Find out what key people are saying.  Discover what people already-in-the-know want.  Maybe they are looking for you?  What do they need?

Okay, so it’s a little simplistic and maybe a little idealistic.  But how is that idea of cold calling churches working for you?  Or sending out 100 letters or emails to churches about whom you know nothing?  Has more than one responded to you?

Use the Internet and social media platforms to find people who love what you love.  See what divine connections God will make for you, finding people whom he has already moved with desire for your nation, your people, your ministry.

Establish your own online presence with a blog, Facebook and other key Internet gathering communities.  Find out who is searching for you, people with money, and influence, and passion and prayer.

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