12 Reasons Why This Conference on Missionary Care May Change The World

February 21, 2012

missionary care, sender

Passion for something good is a good thing.

Passion for something important is important.

Passion for life change is life-changing.

If missionaries are out to change the world to the glory of God, so should their senders. 

The Midwest Conference on Missionary Care in Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosted by Minnesota Renewal Center and New Hope Church February 24-25, 2012 promotes missionary care by equipping anyone who loves on missionaries.  The theme of the event focuses on A Caregiver’s Guide to The Missionary Heart.

Converge Worldwide is a sponsor of the event and I will be facilitating a seminar entitled Exploring, Exposing and Encouraging the Missionary Heart where we will discuss how missionaries face life-altering battles every day related to money, faithfulness, family, and culture.  Life and death decisions on the mission field place the missionary heart in vulnerable positions.  Sometimes good decisions are made while other times the heart proves to be deceptive.  Senders will be encouraged to enable Christ-likeness in the missionaries that they support through effective missionary care.

This conference and its outcomes are important for at least 12 reasons:

  1. Missionaries put their lives on the line daily.  They deserve senders who will care for them and keep them accountable.
  2. The missionary heart is complex.  It deserves to be studied so that it can be comforted and exhorted.
  3. Missionary senders need to be on the top of their game by networking, seeking out advice and exploring the full realm of missionary care services that will be available at the conference.
  4. A missionary who is cared for and held accountable will change the world.
  5. Missionary care is not for pansies, old ladies or washed up missionaries.  Missionary care is a serious profession that remains a vital component of cross-cultural kingdom building.
  6. While many missions leaders overlook the necessity of missionary care for so-called “vision”, missionary care and related fields continue to adopt new technologies and methodologies to enable best practices that promote health and growth among Christian workers.
  7. Missionary caregivers need to keep the big picture of gospel proclamation, church planting and harvesting strategies at the forefront of their sending activities.  Don’t just care for missionaries, care for the lost that you have sent the missionaries to love.
  8. Missionaries look differently today than they did ten or twenty years ago.  Strategies to send and support missionaries evolve to adapt to the changing demographics of goers.
  9. We need to remind ourselves of the importance that having life in Christ is to missionary going and missionary sending, including a fresh look at the Scriptures, time with our Lord in prayer and fellowship with like-hearted brothers and sisters in Christ.
  10. Key issues such as a theology of suffering, debriefing schemes, unique needs that singles have, missionaries in transition and creative access needs tend to be ignored.  A conference is a great place to introduce them and discuss fresh ideas.
  11. Missionary care needs more, not less, emphasis in churches and the sending agencies.
  12. A diverse conference such as this brings together various movements, theological perspectives, professionals and ministry-minded brothers and sisters in a way that enables unity in the body of Christ, which brings pleasure to the heart of God.

Now you have no reason not to attend!  See you there.

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