Top 5 Most Popular FULFILL Posts for Converge Missionary in 2011

December 29, 2011

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FULFILL is about helping missionaries to be effective in life and ministry – to be fulfilled in all they do.

With the end of 2011 upon us, I am reflecting upon the growth of this blog in number, in quality and influence.  But it is you readers who drive the numbers, so here are the top five most popular posts for 2011, interspersed with pictures of the Golden Trumpet tree in the front of our office.

This tree is getting ready to bloom next month and I can’t wait.  Notice the different stages of fulfillment for these flowers and ask yourself the question:  What stage of fulfillment am I in?

#5 Five Ways Bin Laden Has Influenced Missional Church Planting

missionary sensing the call

#4 God’s Sabbath Rest Encounters Human Trafficking

first sense of coming alive on the mission field

#3 Seven Safety Measures for Missionaries in These Days of Uprisings

being fruitful and bringing along others into the faith journey

#2 Quarry Community Church, Monticello, Minnesota Believes in Sending Their Best

building and seeing a community of faith

And the most popular post of the year is……………

#1 5 Ways to Care For Your Missionary TODAY

the personal and ministry blessings of God – even on a cloudy day

What stage of fulfillment are you in?

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