Conversations in Mission: Ordinary Missionary, Committed Pastor, Gracious Giver

Christians working in the world of mission are accustomed to life-changing scenarios.  I’ve had three significant conversations recently that I wanted to briefly share.  Be encouraged as you see God’s hand in the lives of a missionary, a pastor and a giver.

Ordinary Missionary

I Skyped with a missionary who has been back on the field for a few months after completing a home assignment.  She found her home assignment time to be challenging and stressful.  One of her desires in returning to the field was to gain peace and calm and to trust God in the middle of stressful situations.

Home assignment is typically a difficult time in the life of a missionary.  Hyper travel, reconnecting with relationships and raising support can cause a missionary to long for the mission field.  {Read about one missionary’s love-hate relationship with home assignment.}

I was so encouraged to hear from this woman that she has experienced peace and calm since her return to her foreign country.  The Lord is enabling her to handle her stress, to refrain from becoming distressed.  This ordinary missionary is experiencing an extraordinary touch from God.

I love making those kinds of calls.

Gracious Giver

A voice-mail echoed through my earpiece, “please call me back because I want to give to one of your missionaries.”  I picked up the phone and dialed the upper Midwest.

Thirty-five minutes later, this older lady had made my day.  She had $2,500 to give to one of our brand new missionary appointees.  All I did was give her instructions on how to give.  But what she gave to me was a reminder that God is using all kinds of people, in all kinds of places, all of the time.

She told me amazing stories of how God is reaching friends and strangers through her availability to Jesus Christ.  A stranger had his interest in God piqued.  A friend decided to begin walking with Jesus.  A missionary was depending upon her for vital prayer in a desperate situation.  And she wanted to keep giving with this generous gift to a new missionary.

I love receiving those kinds of calls.

Committed Pastor

Recently I came into contact with a pastor who said, “it sure would be nice if International Ministries had resources to share with my churches.”  After I told him that I have lots of resources for him that I have been sending out regularly to pastors he replied, “a pastor doesn’t know that he needs something until he needs it.”

He went on to tell me about one of our missionaries who calls him from overseas multiple times a year to inform him of their ministry and stay connected relationally.  He spoke glowingly of his relationship with this missionary and I could sense that he enjoyed being connected to and caring for him.

This committed pastor wanted to know best how to support this missionary.  Read more about what a missionary desires from churches.

I love pastors who love missionaries.

I hope you were encouraged by these three conversations in mission:  ordinary, committed and gracious people who are changing the world.  How are you changing the world in your neighborhood, nation and world community?

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2 Comments on “Conversations in Mission: Ordinary Missionary, Committed Pastor, Gracious Giver”

  1. mark archibald Says:

    Three gracious and uplifting vignettes. Nicely reported!


  2. Brian Stankich Says:

    Thank you, Mark, I appreciate your faithful support. Brian


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