God Provides for Missionary Appointees Bob & Carol Marsh in Extraordinary Ways

Every once in a while a story grabs my heart that I have to share.  Today I have two such stories.

Some of you know Bob and Carol Marsh.  Bob and Carol planted Gateway Community Church in Mayville, Wisconsin.  The Lord redirected them a few years back to plant an English speaking international church in Darmstadt, Germany.  The Marshes have been walking the road of vision casting and support raising the last two years.

Bob and Carol in Heidelberg, Germany

You can find out more about their ministry at Bob and Carol Marsh.  Bob has shared with me two cool stories that will encourage your faith.

Are you a missionary on support?  God will go to extremes to provide for you.

Are you a sender?  Rejoice that others are like-minded.

Do you need encouragement?  Read on.

Marine Gives Combat Pay to Missions

In April the Marshes met with a young man they have known for years.  This young Marine had recently returned from his seventh deployment to the war zone.  During dinner he handed Bob and Carol an envelope with $3,000 in it.  He had saved up his combat pay to supply the Marshes need for their start-up costs for Germany.

How humbling is that?

Do You Need a Renter?

The Marshes were looking to rent their house outside of town this summer in preparation for their move to Germany this fall.  While at a cancer foundation fundraiser that was being held in a parking lot in southeast Wisconsin, a car pulled up and a man inside asked Bob, “Hey, we’re in town from Oklahoma City looking for a place to rent.  My wife was transferred to the area and we would like to find a place in the country.  Do you know anyone with a place to rent?”

You can imagine the look that came over Bob’s face in response.

Long story short – Bob took this couple to their home and they are now renting it.

Our awesome God works in incredible ways to display his glory to us.  Praise his name.

The Marshes have seen the Lord work in mighty ways these past six months.  They are now headed to missionary training and then on to Germany in September.  Thanks to all of you who are being used of the Lord to partner with the Marshes and their church-planting ministry to internationals from around the world who are locating in Germany.

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6 Comments on “God Provides for Missionary Appointees Bob & Carol Marsh in Extraordinary Ways”

  1. Matt Says:

    Thanks for this Brian. We need more stories like this!


  2. Brian Stankich Says:

    Matt, I’m glad you are encouraged. We do need to hear these stories to encourage each other as the Day approaches.


  3. dddamaris Says:

    This is so cool… it’s amazing to see how Father is taking care of those who have aligned their lives with the desires of His heart. He is a GREAT Father. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Brian Stankich Says:

    Damaris, you said it perfectly. Bless you, sister. Brian


  5. mark archibald Says:

    We shouldn’t be, but always are, surprised/delighted/awed by His artful, catch-us-unaware, majestic provision. It is good though, to be reminded and share of his bounty.


  6. Brian Stankich Says:

    Mark, that’s a great point. Why does it surprise us? We should expect his blessing. But either extreme we could end up taking Him for granted. Brian


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