Five Ways Bin Laden Has Influenced Missional Church Planting (Part 2)

May 3, 2011


…Continued from Part 1 (in case you missed it)

More Public Awareness of the Missionary Lifestyle

The growth of missionary church planters from the world to the world, the cost and time reduction in travel, and the exponential growth of the media and devices with which to obtain it have created a great awareness among the general public in general, and the Christian public, in particular, of what it means to serve cross-culturally.  Bin Laden’s antics have brought a plethora of news surrounding countries where missionaries serve.  The world is a more open place.

flying over the Hindu Kush mountains, Afghanistan

Just today we are passing around the tweet from Twitter written by a Pakistani man who lives near the compound where Bin Laden was killed.  Twitter and Facebook played a major role in the Arab Spring.  Social media has opened the door to the rest of the world that before only missionaries went through.  It is now easier to relate to the missionary lifestyle simply because of the availability of media, particularly news surrounding Bin Laden and the War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq…you get the point.  Greater awareness makes it simpler to church-plant today in a far off land than it was ten years ago because people are more aware and more willing to commit their resources.

A Waking Up Among American Christians

American Christians are a subset of America who have taken an even greater interest in these amazing world events.  God Almighty has tuned our hearts to the opportunities he is presenting us to declare his glory among the peoples.

me in a market in Afghanistan

My family and I were among the hundreds who gave up all to live and work in the former Yugoslavia in the 90’s.  Having seen images on television and read news of persecutions and death, our hearts were moved to bring hope and healing to Gypsies who were hated, Albanians who were slaughtered, Bosnians who were discriminated against, and Croatians, Serbians, and Macedonians who were looking for answers.

The same is happening today among Kurds in Iraq, Palestinians in Gaza, Egyptians, Libyans, Tunisians, and Yemeni.  Today, church planters are in place breaking ground in each of these locations.  Why?  Because Christians are compassionate, called, and courageous, saying “yes” to God.  What does it mean to be missional?  It means to go because God is calling.  Thanks too to Osama for stirring up the Christians, waking us up from entertaining ourselves to death.

Being missional means inviting your Iranian neighbor to dinner tonight, helping your Lebanese co-worker to work on his visa, and accepting the invitation from your friend from Honduras to his son’s birthday party.  Being a missional church planter means engaging the Muslims in your Florida community, leading a Bible study among the Ka-Ren people in the Twin Cities, and learning Arabic to welcome Sudanese refugees to your new community center.

Evil That is Clearly Delineated  For All to See

I am always stunned when someone questions the existence of evil, or the Evil One.  Perhaps God allows the Bin Laden’s and the Hitler’s of the world to show us that everyone is not a nice person.  Interestingly, Hitler’s death was also announced on May Day (1945).  What does evil look like?  It looks like the hijacking of an airplane, turning it into a missile, and killing thousands of people from all over the world.

Evil calls bad – good.  Evil puts self before others. Evil distorts the truth, changes history, and deceives the masses.

America and the world will now always point to Osama Bin Laden as an evildoer.  Thankfully, God’s goodness is greater, and he is redeeming the actions of evil men through the love of missional church planters.


Are you a church-planting missionary?  Thank you for serving.

Are you a sender?  Thank you for supporting.

Are you a concerned Christian?  Thank you for praying.


Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Church

How have 9-11 events changed your life purpose?

Where have you seen God’s hand in 9-11 events?

Is your church participating in changing your community, your nation, your world?

What is holding you back from church planting in North America or another country?

What answers to prayer have you seen the past ten years related to 9-11, the War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq, spiritual warfare, church planting, and missions?

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