Running with God (Missionary Guest Post)

[Note:  this post is written by a Converge Worldwide missionary appointee who will depart for the mission field later this year, who due to the sensitive nature of his assignment, shall remain anonymous]

I have never understood the desire that people have to run, especially for fun. Recently I have been struggling over the instructions that God gives us to “run in such a way that you may win” (NASB, 1 Cor. 9:24).  My problem arises when I think about what it takes to run that type of race. The winners of a marathon run at an average speed of around 12 MPH and they do it for a little over two hours.

God wants all of you a little bit at a time.

I struggle with this verse because I have not been obeying it.  The reality is that I am jogging through life, not running. This passage of scripture urges us not to do many good things and to build a great legacy of accomplishments.  The gospel calls me to submit my entire life to the will of God for His glory in the strength I have been given by Him because of the work Jesus did on the cross.

I need to submit my entire life.  Do I love God and others enough to beat my habits into conformity with my calling?  If not, can I say that I love?

I can not tell you what God has in store for you, what burden he has put on your heart, or what action you need to take. I can promise you that God is asking for more of you.  He is asking for ALL of you a little bit at a time.  So ask yourself:  is the God that you love worth running for?

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