End of Fiscal Year Missionary Support and Under-supported List

April 4, 2011

Churches, under-supported

As we approach the end of the fiscal year 2010-2011 at the end of April, I wanted you to know about a new feature on the Converge website to track the monthly support needs for Converge Worldwide missionaries.

In an effort to keep pure support numbers from being broadcast over the Internet, we have password protected the list of missionaries who are under-supported.  We have done this for two reasons:

  1. Many missionaries feel a sense of shame or unworthiness when their names are listed publicly with dollar amounts that reflect negatively towards their support status.  Some missionaries live in cultures where shame and honor are key cultural values, so we want to honor their sense of propriety.
  2. Many missionaries live and work among the poor and earn incomes that are exorbitant based on local standards.  If the locals knew the dollar amounts that their missionary friends dealt with it would create tension and strife.  We don’t want to contribute to those kinds of scenarios by saying that Joe and Sally are under-supported by $700 per month when their neighbor lives on $400 per year.

However, we do want to provide partners the information needed to make wise support decisions so we have created a link that is password protected and not viewable by the public.

Please go to monthly support needs to see the list, but to do so, you first need to contact me for the password.  Email me at BrianS@Convergeww.org  or call me at 407-563-6077 .  Once you identify yourself and your need I will be happy to give you access to the missionary under-support needs.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me.  Thank you for your generosity.



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