5 Ways to Care for Your Missionary TODAY

Missionary care is both heart and action.

There is no better day to begin doing missionary care than today.  The care that you provided yesterday is significant but the care that you provide today and tomorrow is vital.  Here are five ways to care for your missionary today.

Ask The Missionary What He or She Needs

Perhaps the most effective question you can ask a missionary is What do you need?  The care comes in both the asking as well as in trying to meet the need.

Similar questions include:  As a church, how can we help you?  What can our family do for you?

Asking the question will enable the missionary to feel cared for.  Meeting the need will change the missionary’s life and show her that you are committed to her and her ministry.

Do Something Extraordinary Right Now

Touching a missionary today will help him or her to be effective in life and ministry.  Extraordinary actions contribute to missionary fulfillment.  Perhaps you can meet the need that is raised by your first question.  If no apparent needs arise, plenty of avenues of blessing exist.  Here are some ideas:

  • give a weekend away at a bed and breakfast or a marriage enrichment conference
  • send the missionary kids to an amusement park
  • take a special offering with no strings attached
  • plan a field visit to the missionary in the coming year
  • send an online gift card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble
  • offer to give your time or talents for a day or a special project

Get Others Involved

Caring for missionaries is important.  Inviting others to care for missionaries is strategic.  Who else in your family, neighborhood, or church would be interested in this missionary’s ministry, family, and story?

Connect with The Sending Agency

The better your church is connected to the missionary’s sending agency the more effective the missionary will be.  I’ve got a series of posts coming down the line on this one item.  Find out who the key decision makers and caregivers are in the mission.  When a missionary sees his church on the same page with his mission, his hopes for successful ministry improve dramatically.

Take Time to Develop a Plan

Providing effective missionary care is a process and many touch points exist along the way.  Today, take a determined 30 minutes to brainstorm and establish a care and growth plan for the missionaries in your life.  By touching a missionary, you are touching the world.

Five Ways to Care For Your Missionary TOMORROW

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