Missionary Appointee Leaves a Changed Woman After Completing Support Raising

Today a Converge missionary leaves for the field after spending 19 months raising her financial and prayer support.  Her name and location are withheld due to the sensitive nature of her ministry but I will refer to her as Julie here {because Julie is one of my favorite girl names}.

A Discouraged Missionary Appointee

Missionaries tend to be independent, self-motivated world changers.  At the beginning of her fund-raising adventure Julie felt discouraged, ill-equipped, and short on patience to raise tens of thousands of dollars.  I had to motivate her, pray with her, give her fresh ideas, and continue to renew her perspective month after month.

But A Missionary Appointee Filled with Faith

The best thing Julie had going for her during this grueling season of MPD (missionary partner discovery) was God and her faith in Him.  At the beginning of the season, back in the summer of 2009, Julie told me, “I know that God is in control of this area but it seems incredibly daunting. I am thankful I believe in God of the impossible!”

The Lord blessed Julie’s faith by putting people in her life and arranging circumstances such that she knew that God was making provision for her.  A few month’s later she wrote me one morning saying that she had gone to bed the night before discouraged but awoke to two churches and one foundation who wanted to support her.  As the months went by God spoke to Julie’s heart and her financial spreadsheets by arranging appointments and providing new partners, sometimes out of thin air.

A God Who Makes Missionaries for His Glory

Watching the Lord at work is the benefit of my role as missionary support coach.  I get to see him mold and make missionaries inside the US so that he can bend and break them outside the US for his own purposes of using them for his glory.

God seemed to put Julie on notice, early on in the process, that He was planning on doing amazing things IN her so that he could do amazing things THROUGH her.

I’ve seen Julie grow in her ability to overcome a necessary aspect of her ministry that some missionaries dread:  support raising.  Julie has grown in her fund-raising skills, in her understanding of the process, and in her personal ability to persevere and grow through difficulty and change.

In her prayer letter last week Julie confessed “I had no idea what was ahead of me 19 months ago.”  Julie leaves for the field today with first-hand faith that God is enough for her personal and ministry needs.

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One Comment on “Missionary Appointee Leaves a Changed Woman After Completing Support Raising”

  1. dona stankich Says:

    Beautiful and encouraging story!


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