Appointee Glenn Herschberger and Fundraising Fulfillment

“We just want to glorify God and care for the people he puts in our path.”

The minute I began writing this post I was interrupted by an automatic email notification:  another new monthly partner for Glenn and Susan Herschberger.  The irony of the timing was not lost on me.

"the greatest work occurring is in us - faithfulness, humility and love"

Last week Glenn and I were reflecting on the briskness of the past 6-7 months, how the Lord is providing new partners for them at a steamrolled pace.  “God is the greatest support raiser,” Glenn shared.  While Glenn and Susan are working hard, Glenn’s words reflect that their hearts are trusting fully in the Lord’s provision.  “We are faithful and diligent in making calls, following up, and putting ourselves out there.”

The life of an appointee is not an easy one, as I’ll explore in a future post.  Appointees disrupt their entire lives for the glory of God.

Letters, emails, phone calls, visits with strange churches – it all adds up to uncertainty, questioning God’s process, wondering when it will end, when you’ll be 100% supported, and when you can leave for the field.

Usually the results don’t equal the division of labor but the Herschbergers have raised nearly 90% of their support since last summer.  There had to be something more to their method.

“We feel led to just serve the churches and love the people that we visit.  The Holy Spirit was convicting us to go into every situation with a servant’s heart and not with an attitude of expectation.  We just want to glorify God and care for the people he puts in our path.”

That sounds like a church planter!  It also sounds like a man whose focus is on the internal and on the Upward.  Glenn told me that he and Susan realized that raising support and preparing for a move to Panama was a project “too big to try to do all by ourselves.”  That is the understatement of the year.

Glenn finished our conversation suggesting that although nearing the 100% mark is pretty cool “the greatest work occurring is in us:  faithfulness, humility and love.”

When I received that email notification I shot off a quick email to Glenn asking if he had seen his copy of the notification.  He replied that he had and added, fittingly, “we are praising God every day.”

Are you praying every day for Glenn and Susan and other Converge Worldwide appointees to grow in their faith day by day?

Learn more about Glenn and Susan’s ministry.

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