Two Appointees Leave for the Field: Financially Supported, Ready For Missionary Care

The vision for missionary fulfillment began a new episode this weekend with two more Converge Worldwide appointees leaving for the field, ready to begin their missionary service.  The fact that Katherine Robinson has left for Fiji and Lynette Young for Uruguay is good news for three reasons:

  1. The gospel of Jesus Christ has two fresh outlets, two new harvest opportunities to declare the glory of God.
  2. Their departure signifies that they have raised 100% of their financial support.  Way to go Church!
  3. Their arrival in their respective countries enables their supporters, family, friends, churches, and co-workers to provide missionary care.

It’s a Win – Win – Win.

The gospel wins because the gospel always wins.  Fiji and Uruguay now have more gospel witness.

The Church wins because she has demonstrated her ability as a body to love, surround, and send out, exactly what she was made for.

The missionaries win because these two young ladies can now fulfill the call on their lives.  They can be FULFILLed in what the Lord desires for them.

Missionary FULFILLment is what this blog is all about.  Poke around on this site and have some fun thinking about how to encourage missionary fulfillment.

Are you a missionary? What does fulfillment mean to you?

Are you a caregiver?  How can you help your missionary to be fulfilled?

Leave your comments to help all of us reach fulfillment.



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