When A Missionary Needs More Support

January 10, 2011

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God has clearly called you and you’ve been serving the Lord for years on the mission field.  You are thankful for God’s provision to you through the Body of Christ.

One day you wake up and realize that your support account is in the negative.  You need more financial support.  What?  More change?  You begin to sweat.  You realize that the amount of sweat is more than the usual sweat you already sweat because of the humid climate you live in.

What do you do now?  You need some cash, the eternal kind of currency.

The first thing to do is don’t panic.

Next, figure out why you are under-supported.  Did some supporters stop giving?  Which ones?  Do some key partners give periodically?  Maybe a big gift is around the corner.  Whatever you do, keep trusting in God’s provision.

The Lord has not given up on you and He never will.  He will continue to provide for your needs.

Sometimes though He changes the way He works.  I’ve seen Him use money in the lives of missionaries to get their attention, to say, “hi, I’m still here and we need to chat.”

Other times the circumstances of your partners have simply changed and you need to find additional partners who are willing to join your journey.  It’s time to roll up the sleeves, develop a strategy, and pray.

In the coming months we’ll hammer on this topic until we are tired of it – and then we’ll say a little bit more.  Get your ideas to share and your questions to ask ready.

For now do this:

1) Pray for the Lord to meet your needs

2) Create a realistic plan

3) Start contacting current and potential partners to share your need

Please complete the poll above and answer this question in the comments section below:

What do you appreciate about living by faith as a supported missionary?

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6 Comments on “When A Missionary Needs More Support”

  1. Steve and Carol Smith Says:

    What do you appreciate about living by faith as a supported missionary?

    1. The assurance that what we are doing is pleasing to the Lord.
    2. The encouragement of seeing totally unlikely people be faithful partners.
    3. The privilege of developing close friendships with partners.
    4. The joy of seeing God faithfully provide for our needs and the needs of the work often in a timely and almost miraculous manner.


  2. Brian Stankich Says:

    Wow, those are powerful reasons and well said Steve and Carol. I like your key words: ‘assurance’, ‘encouragement’, ‘privilege’, and ‘joy’. Brian


  3. Jeff and Barb Chapman Says:

    What do you appreciate about living by faith as a supported missionary?

    Although relying on support can add stress to our lives on an ongoing basis, it also gives us the blessing of being surprised by God in the myriad ways that He can provide for us. (It’s hard to remember how God has provided sometimes, especially those times that the world would see the provision as “lucky” or “circumstantial”.)
    We are also blessed when others are stretched in their faith about giving. Someone who has nothing is challenged to give, in faith, to God. That person’s life begins to change because of their faithfulness.


  4. Brian Stankich Says:

    Jeff and Barb,

    I think you have hit on some keys: God’s surprises and the opportunity others have to grow in their faith because of your own faithfulness.

    Thanks for sharing!



  5. Jan B. Says:

    Living by faith as a supported missionary gives us a front-row seat to God’s faithfulness–and creativity.


  6. Brian Stankich Says:

    What a powerful image, Jan, “front-row seat.”

    Recently I went to a movie with my family and the kids wanted to sit in the back while I wanted the middle. No one suggested the front.

    Could it be that a benefit of serving cross-culturally is getting a closer view of God?


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