What if this were your last Christmas?

December 22, 2010

Churches, missionary care

Updated December 2012

Where are you spending Christmas next year?  Yes, next year.

For hundreds of missionary appointees, Christmas 2012 is their last Christmas for a few years in the United States.

If you know them, love on them.  Make them feel special.  Commit to make their Christmas next year special.  Isn’t that what you would want for yourself?

Originally Posted December 2010

Imagine if this were your last Christmas. Not ever – but your last Christmas in America for the next few years.  What would you do differently? How would you celebrate the season?

That is the situation 20 Converge Worldwide missionaries find themselves in today.  Twenty appointees are on track to leave for the mission field in 2011.

Do you know one of them?  Show them some extra Jesus-love this holiday season.

Next year they won’t be around.



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2 Comments on “What if this were your last Christmas?”

  1. Bob Marsh Says:

    Insightful. Another thought might be, “Who is not with you this year that was with you last?” Our ministry is specifically to people from “every nation under heaven” who are living in a foreign culture. University students, exchange students from China or Kenya. Business people from England or Switzerland. Military personnel from the USA. Oft-times they feel forgotten and alone. Remember your friends who are living abroad this year with a card or note, or perhaps a call on Skype. At minimum a facebook poke or email. A simple friendly gesture can go a long way!


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